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What is giftedness? 

Giftedness is identified by considering the cumulative results of all of the assessments admininistered in the clinic. By looking at a variety of skills, we can determine in what areas a child is performing at a level superior to other children of the same age. For example, in the figure below we can see that the gifted child is, in general, performing at a level superior to another child. However, the gifted child’s skills are not superior in every domain, nor are all of the other child’s skills “average.” In the profile, the gifted child shows age appropriate spatial abilities, whereas the other child shows productive language and reading skills above age level. To identify giftedness, we consider the developmental level of individual skills, as well as the child’s overall performance.

The Gifted Child Clinic


Not every child we see in The Gifted Child Clinic is diagnosed as gifted. In some instances we find that a child is bright, but functioning within the normal range of behavior for a child of that age. Regardless of whether or not children ever are identified as gifted, a richer understanding of their abilities will aid parents and professionals in helping them become the most they are capable of becoming.