What is included in the report to the parent?

Several weeks after the child and parents have visited the clinic, a written report is mailed to the parents. This report consists of:

• a brief summary of the child’s developmental  history

• a description of the child’s behavior in the testing situation

• a developmental profile of the age and/or grade level equivalent performance of the child for each of the assessed skill domains

• an IQ range

• an opinion about whether the child is gifted in any of the assessed skill areas

• recommendations about how to cultivate the child’s future development

• a list of referrals and resources when appropriate, given the child’s profile

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The Gifted Child Clinic


Our Services

The Gifted Child Clinic is a fee-for-service center located in Central New Jersey. Children from age 3 are seen in a child-friendly environment. Referrals are made on the basis of parental or professional beliefs regarding a child’s abilities and skill levels.The parent or professional contacts the clinic to obtain further information and arrange an appointment.

What services are offered?

All evaluations are conducted by Dr. Barbara Louis, a licensed developmental psychologist who is a specialist with over 25 years experience in the identification and needs of gifted children. In general, two visits lasting up to two hours each are needed for a thorough evaluation of the child’s abilities. During these visits, a complete evaluation of the child’s abilities in multiple skill areas is conducted. A third appointment, either in person or by phone, is scheduled upon completion of testing. During this time, the child’s skills, behaviors, and history are discussed with the parents. Also discussed are the specific results of the child’s evaluation. After this visit, the results of the evaluation are compiled into a written report that is mailed to the parents.

​What kind of testing is done at the clinic?

A battery of tests is used to evaluate the child for signs of giftedness, including standardized measures and behavioral observations. In addition to overall intelligence, performance in the following areas is evaluated: verbal skills, including expressive language and verbal comprehension; spatial skills; reasoning ability; memory skills; fine motor maturation (for preschool children); reading abilities; mathematical abilities; and school achievement (for school-aged children).